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Custom Photographic Wall Murals
and Extra Large Prints

Whether you need a mural for a public art project, commerical setting, or your home or office, we can provide stock or custom photography to meet your needs.
photographic wall murals Visualize our elegant Sion Archway photographic wall mural as a backdrop in your home or office!

Visit the set of the Lucy Woodward Music Video - Hickam Air Force Base - Piggys Play-a-Round

Most images on or are available for use. Click here for prices: mural or larger print sizes.


The price of our 11 mil product is being reduced for a limited time! Take 20% off the normal price of $18. a Sq. Ft.

When considering an image for your location keep in mind proportions of the chosen image should be relatively the same as the display area, if not cropping may be necessary. Please consult a customer representative for assistance.

Most wall murals are printed on 11 mil thick vinyl which is applied in the same manner as wall paper, however the material is water and scratch resistant. There are many other substrates available depending on your unique needs. Please consult a customer representative for assistance, prices and available materials.


Most wall murals come in 40" panels and the number of panels necessary will be determined by the size of the mural. Prior to the mural being produced we will provide a color sample for your approval. If you choose to discontinue the order after the sample has been delivered there will be a $50.00 cancelation fee.

Samples are normaly delivered within 10 days and the finished murals are delivered two weeks following sample approval.

Mural Prices:

Standard wall murals cost $18.00 per sq ft. plus shipping and insurance.

You may use the formula below to estimate the cost of a mural, but we will always be happy to quote an exact price.

1. As an example you may have a wall 8'4" high by 12'6" long.
2. First find the total number of inches for each dimension, 8'4" = 100" / 12'6" = 150".
3. Multiply 100 x 150 for a total of 15,000 sq. inches.
4. Divide 15,000 by 144 for total square feet of 104.17.
5. Multiply the total sq. ft. by our sale price of $14.40 --- 104.17 x 18 = $1,500.

The total cost of the mural including file preparation and a "sample print" on the actual material comes to $1,500.00 plus shipping and insurance.


For a limited time our per square foot charge is reduced to $14.40.

Because we represent several photographers, there may be an additional image use fee on photos provided by artists other than Nick Gleis.

We can accept your negative, transparency, or digital file for making a mural, however the quality of the original will ultimately determine the quality of the mural. It is best to submit the original material and allow our team of experts to advise you of the outcome you should expect.

A customer submitted original that requires a scan will have an additional $150.00 scanning and file preparation fee added to the price of the mural. Acceptable digital images submitted by the customer will have a $50 file preparation fee added to the price of the mural.

Large Print Prices:

Single prints printed on medium weight semi gloss paper, suitable for mounting or framing.