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Custom Color Prints, Wall Décor, Stock Images, Custom Albums

For over 25 years Nick Gleis Photography has helped OEM's, Marketing Departments, Advertising Agencies, Heads of State and Royal Families capture images that present their product, service or personal collections in a dramatic and informative manner.

Those images are can be transformed into Wall décor for corporate offices, color prints or pixel-based images that are stored and viewed on the world wide web.

Utilizing the same proven team that developed a system of web-based image uploading and downloading for companies like PSAV, Nick Gleis Photography can assist customers in making appropriate images available to their sales team for marketing and presentation purposes.

Nick Gleis is a world leader in digital imaging.

As early as 1990, Nick Gleis worked closely with Miller Color Lab and Eastman Kodak to develop a method for transferring negative film-based images to digital form for enhancement then back to negative film for photographic output.

In recent years he has developed a proprietary method for pixel-based image enhancement that is unequalled. Nick Gleis Photography was one of the first firms to make the transition to all-digital photography and today even more so he provides a level of electronic imaging expertise that few other companies worldwide can match.

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