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Lucy Woodward 1
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Unique Wall Decor for Your Exclusive Clients

Edy Enriquez producer of the new Lucy Woodward music video chose the expertise of Nick Gleis Photography to help create this series of unique backgrounds.

Realistic from any Angle!

Take a look to the far left in this view of the Music Store scene. What at first appears to be a 3 dimensional room is actually a flat surface.
Lucy Woodward 1b
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Lucy Woodward 2
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Resources for Design Consultants, Interior Decorators.

Offer your clients something dramatic, and extravagant. Something impressive that you’ve custom designed and had printed to fit their unique requirements. We can create the photographic wall treatment your client requires.

Art Consultants, we offer resources for art directors.

Do you need something dramatic to enhance a large public space? Looking for something unique to get people’s attention? We can make your ideas a reality.
Lucy Woodward 3
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Lucy Woodward 4
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Wall Scenery – Large or Small Scenery

This photographic technique proves dramatic in a variety of interior or exterior locations. Imagine looking across a garden, or into a room that doesn’t actually exist. We can create the photographic wall scenery your situation requires.

Theatrical Backdrops – Backgrounds and Custom Murals

From theatrical backdrops to that mural for your den, we do it all. Our team of expert photographers allows us to provide images from an extensive inventory, or if you prefer we can photograph your subject anywhere in the world.
Lucy Woodward 4b
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Lucy Woodward 7
Cut Outs Coming Soon.
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